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So, with all its glory and genuinely remarkable nature of YouTube, what is the only major thing it misses? Yes. You’ve guessed it — a proper downloading system. YouTube tries to insert some system to download videos for its premium users, although not everyone is keen on having a premium account on a platform that they’ve been using for years. Thus comes the YouTube Video Downloader.

The ultimate tool of the internet. YouTube is one of the significant pieces of the internet’s spine, and it’s also a massive archive of videos. Silly pets, funny (and epic) fails, celebrities, fashion icons, sports...

Can you name something in life that YouTube doesn’t have it in it's vast (and it’s really huge: It would take more than 199.771 years to watch all videos available on YouTube! Truly mindblowing) archive? Probably not.

What Is YouTube Video Downloader?

What Is YouTube Video Downloader?

You probably already guessed what this simple tool does but for the ones who want to hear about it, Free YouTube Video Downloader allows you to download the videos you want from YouTube.

The system works pretty directly, and it’s totally free. As if that is not enough, there is no need for downloading any component, app, or client. Everything is totally online and done on your internet browser.

This tool works for pretty much all of the platforms you might use.

You can use it on Android, iOS, and your PC or Laptop, although it is optimized for PCs especially. All you need is a proper internet connection.

This is probably your best option for downloading videos from YouTube online. It is totally safe, fast, secure, and compact.

How Can I Download Videos with Video Downloader for YouTube?

How Can I Download Videos with Video Downloader for YouTube?

It will be the most straightforward work of your day.

You just go to YouTube, find the video you wish to download, copy the link of the page and paste it to the link bar of our tool. Then just hit Check. Then our tool will give you the best options to download your video.

Whether it is a music video, funny video, or just some cute video to send your crush, you will be presented with the best options.

You can choose to download the video in MP3 format should you wish to convert the music video to a proper song file, or just select the MP4 format to archive the video in your photo gallery to use or watch it later.

So, let’s recap with a step-by-step guide.

  1. First, you launch your browser. It can be Safari, Opera, Chrome, Firefox, or even Internet Explorer (if you are really like the physical pain of the slowness) and navigate to YouTube.
  2. Then find your desired video by using the search bar.
  3. Here you can shorten the process by just right-clicking on the thumbnail of the video and click on the Copy Link Address.
  4. Although if you are unable to right-click, you can just click on the video and copy the link from the link bar by left-clicking it and pressing CTRL+V.
  5. From there come back to our HD Downloader. Click on the link bar and paste the video link, then hit the check button.
  6. You will need to prove that you are not a robot (Not everyone likes Terminator movie, don’t judge).
  7. From there, your download options will be revealed, and you will be free to download your video in any formations, including audio and HD options.
  8. From there, you just have to do one more thing. Download your file, and enjoy your full version, free music or high definition, 4K video.

A Friendly Reminder About YouTube Videos

If you run into any kind of problem, it is mostly because of some sort of incompatibility between our tool and YouTube, although this is not the case most of the time. Our tool is improving each week as we update it, so there shouldn’t be any inconvenience. 

However, if you do have that kind of problem, please be patient and regularly check to see if our tool is up and running again.

If you have complaints or suggestions, feel free to contact us, and if you like, you can browse our website to read about social media tips and tutorials! Take good care, and have fun!


Humanity needed a downloading system for YouTube since our good old video provider’s birth, and we delivered.

YouTube Video Downloader is something everyone needs because millions of videos get uploaded to YouTube servers each day, and there might be thousands of videos that would interest someone enough to make the person wish to download those videos.

The way YouTube doesn’t have a proper way to download videos is something frustrating, and we strive to solve this pesky problem.

Our tool is easy to use, simple in its design and most useful for anyone who likes to keep an archive of videos. We designed our tool in a way that would please almost anyone who needs to download videos from YouTube.

It is as versatile as it can be and offers selections of options for different kinds of demands. You can choose a variety of options we provided, such as definition (720p, 1080p, 4K) or video format.

You just need to follow through our simple step by step guide and enjoy your content for however you like. Just put them on your phone or PC, and be on your way!

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