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Your Instagram Identity

They give you an identity card when you born, and it is the same for Instagram. When you sign up for an account, they give you an Instagram User ID, and at that moment, you both are bonded together until you decide to close down your account for good. 

Hence, whenever you use your account, the actions you take like following someone or unfollowing one will get saved to your User ID. Thereby, you can always go back in time and see what you did.

So, you can see that you have a numeric sequence that resembles you on Instagram, but are there any uses to that ID? Well, of course, it is. Why would people look it up for it if it didn't have any usage? Today, we're going to learn about what can you do with a User ID, how you can retrieve yours, and how our Instagram User ID Finder works.

Instagram User ID

What Uses a User ID Have

If you're trying to build an online brand or an influencer personality, you probably know how important can third-party apps be. If you want to track your followers, you have to use one. Well, if you want to schedule your posts, and it's also a requirement for many brands out there, you have to rely on third-parties. 

In that case, we can say that a lot of the business roams outside Instagram, and these apps may require you to provide your Instagram User ID in order to function properly. Sometimes only your username isn't enough to fetch and read info from your profile.

However, don't be fooled by this statement; your Instagram User ID doesn't raise any security problems if you're worried about that. If someone doesn't know your password or email address, your other sensitive info, they don't have any possible way to take over your account. Therefore, you can rest assured while giving out your User ID.

How to find Instagram user ID

How User ID Finder Works

Our brand-new free tool is essential for every Instagram who wishes to grasp more regarding their use of Instagram, and it's so easy to master. We don't need anything more than your username. Therefore, we don't ask for your password or email addresses under any circumstance that might occur. There's no need for other sensitive and private info too. 

Unlike our other services, your Instagram account can be hidden or private. Our system will still do its job and provide your User ID due to the reason that we don't fetch any additional info from your account.

  1. Open GlobalFollowers and scroll until you see our header section. You can click or hit the division "Instagram Tools" to open it. From there, you should select the service named "Instagram User ID" from the category.
  2. After the page opens, type in your Instagram username to the designated field right below. And that's all! After you click or tap the "Check" button, our system will take a moment to figure out your permanent User ID and will present it with your current profile photo beside it. 

Get Instagram User ID

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to any questions you may have in mind about our products and tools. If you can't find your answer at FAQ you can reach us via our live support center without a fee.

No! We never ask for your password or email, even for our other services, where we need to fetch and read data. Hence, your account is secure.

A big portion of third-party Instagram support apps requires you to give your User ID as they need it to read and bring data from your account.

Well... Nothing happens! You can always come back and get your User ID again. It's for good, so your ID will never change until you permanently close your account.

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Every Instagram user has an ID dedicated to them. If you want to see your Instagram User ID, you can enjoy our brand-new free User ID Finder tool!


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