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Don't Waste Cellular Data

It's quite easy to get comfortable with browsing videos all day on Instagram. One moment later, you find yourself low on cellular data, and the next moment you see that your service provider charged you with hundreds. 

Well, enjoying the best content on the internet is a luxurious taste many can't have, and we understand the struggle. We got your back for this one. Now, with our brand-new free tool, it's possible to download Instagram videos in HD. Want to know more? Let's see.

Nothing is worse than not being able to find the video you need at that moment. Sometimes you want to show a friend a meme that you found hilarious, and you browse your phone. In the end, you even see that embarrassing photo from your kindergarten days, but not the meme that you're looking for. 

Uh, as expected, the moment is ruined too. We can guarantee that this situation happened at least once, if not twice. Hence, don't even try to disguise your desire for a proper Instagram Video Downloader, we know you feel about this, and we designed our best tool yet to give you the opportunity to enjoy a stress-free internet.

Why You Can't Download In-App

Is it really a surprise for you to see that Instagram doesn't allow its users to download videos in-app? We don't find their reasons that much unusual. Well, on the paper, the main reason Instagram didn't interpret a download feature is their worries regarding copyright infringements. However, there's also a real motive behind this "socially acceptable" reason: the ad revenue.

Let's assume that you own the Instagram, and you're Mark Zuckerberg. Pretty cool, right? You make billions of dollars with just the ads, and considering that ad money is the only real income you can get from a social media platform if you're not selling Premium accounts, would you really want people to download their favorite content on their devices and don't open the app throughout the day? That would be putting a gun to your own head, and actually pulling the trigger.

So, now you know why Instagram doesn't want you to download videos or photos in-app. They want you to keep using the app so that you can see more ads! Advertisers pay money for the audience, not the app itself. 

Why Use GlobalFollowers

With our brand-new free tool, we tried to perfect our efforts to give you something that shall work flawlessly for years. It's possible to download any video in its best quality. Hence, if the video you're saving is HD, you won't have to worry about any quality or audio loss. 

The files are compressed as well, so they won't take much space on your mobile device. And the files are available to share anywhere on the internet and major social media platforms. However, we suggest you only use the videos you download for self-entertaining purposes as you may get in trouble with copyright infringements if you wish to make a profit over it. 

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Want to download Instagram videos? Try our free Instagram Video Downloader right now, save your favorite videos in HD. Best formats in highest resolutions!

Works perfectly fine.

Works perfectly fine. Downloader over 50 videos from here. No problem at all.


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