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Instagram and Saving Option

Times change, and it became a norm for a lot of us to have an active Instagram profile. Stalking on your exes is cool, and we don't shame anybody by saying this, but it's also quite common to regularly check some individuals through their profiles. 

If you are one of those obsessed ones who can't sit down without ever checking the latest update on someone else's account, it may sound like a wonder. And that wonder will reveal itself when you learn that now it's possible to download Instagram photos without having to rely on third-parties that would deteriorate the overall security of your being on the internet.

You know how it goes, you keep yourself coming back to the same pictures on Instagram day after day. And you put yourself in danger while doing that. Well, what would you do if you somehow like a photo of someone from two years ago at 5 in the morning? Now, that would be uncool. 

Also, it's a burden at the same time if it's not about your significant other but a piece of knowledge or education you regularly go back to. In that case, we have a far better option to present you, and that requires you to change your ways of wasting precious cellular data. Now, it's time to let go of that stuff and download the things that you want to be exposed to when you're browsing your camera roll.

Why You Instagram Doesn't Downloads

It's not that hard to see the reasons why Instagram doesn't allow anyone to save content from the app on their devices. Well, if you were the developer of Instagram, and your income depended on the app revenue the app is generating, would you really implement a feature that will give people a way to enjoy their favorite content without using the app at all? Yeah, we have thought the same. It's not a consideration.

That means we will probably never have an official feature that allows us to save our favorite stuff for later, and we have to stick to the third-parties or other reliable web applications. This doesn't have to be something necessarily bad, though. Are you wondering why?

With our brand-new free tool, it's now possible to download your favorite content from Instagram in the exact resolutions it is uploaded by the owner. Hence, get ready to enjoy your favorite piece of content in HD. Let's learn how you can do that.

Download Photos from Instagram with GlobalFollowers

As we mentioned earlier, you don't have to rely on unreliable (oh, the irony) third-party apps anymore in order to save your favorite content from Instagram to your devices. With our free tool, all you have to do is provide a URL that directs to the picture you want to save.

However, due to the restrictions of Instagram, our service can't fetch and process the information on hidden/private profiles. Therefore, you have to go with a public profile if you wish to proceed. Otherwise, the system won't work.

Want to go off? Here's a step-by-step list to try our online tool:

  1. Open Instagram and find the content you wish to save on your device. You should copy this picture's URL to your clipboard. Please make sure that the profile is not hidden to the public.
  2. Now, go to GlobalFollowers and open our Download Instagram Photos tool to proceed. After that, you should paste the URL you copied to the designated field right below.
  3. A thumbnail of the picture you specified will appear above in the frame box. You can directly click or hit the "Download" button. That's all for today! The photo will be downloaded top your device.

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Want to download Instagram photos online for free? Check our brand-new tool to enjoy your favorite pictures in HD with low file sizes. Save cellular data.

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