Privacy Policy

Our services from belongs to our company and our company address is Free Port and Zone Mail Box: 718, Famagusta / NCTR.

Company, may keep personal informations from its costumers. Reason to keeping personal informations;

a) Membership: We may keep informations like your username, firm informations, phone number and email address.

b) Campaigns: Our service may use your personal informations for sending a message about our discount opportunities.

c) Errors: Our service may can be make errors. We can use your email and phone number to be aware you about errors.

d) Partnership: We can share your communication datas for making statistics and surveys about our business plan and we can share our clients digital datas to our co-partners for same reasons.

We may keep clients informations but we can not share customers informations with third party organizations. Customers classified informations in our protection and if third pary organizations can reach these informations we take responsibility for malfeasance.

Payment And Security’s customers can use money transfer or credit card. Credit card informations securing with SSL and 3D secure systems.

a) Money transfer: In payment process customer can make a Money transfer to company’s bank accounts. International customers can use international banking system or online payment systems. (PayPal, PayTR or Western Union)

b) Credit Card: Our payment system allows VISA and Mastercard credit cards. Customer credit card informations stays unreachable from our employees and customer services. Credit card informations are under protected by SSL security system.


Cookies are small text files for surviling to page visitors behaviors. Our service and internet pages uses cookies for upgrade itself. For getting better service visitors should allow to cookies.

Cookies are allows to page owner to see how many visitor in the page, what visitors do in page and where visitor came from the page. (Google, URL or others)

Email Security

Firstly, customers should not share thier personel info and credit card informations in mail order. We have not mail order system. Customer’s email address protect according to our privacy policy.

Exceptional Situations

The company reserves to making changes on their privacy policy in these situations;

1- If governmental authorization wants to customer informations.

2- In lawful liabilities, company can share customer informations with authorities.

3- In necessary situations for customer security.

Site name: Address: Free Port and Zone Mail Box: 718, Famagusta / NCTR E-mail:

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