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Tying Up the Loose Ends

Followers come and go, just like friends and lovers. And you're probably accustomed to this if you have a large following base. A lot of them drop like flies over time, and it can be extremely challenging to keep up with who dumped you. 

In that case, it can be quite handy to have a free tool that allows you to see who unfollowed you on Instagram. Well, if you're one of those people who regularly ask "who unfollowed me on Instagram," then you'll probably fall in love with our brand-new tool.

There are more than a billion users on Instagram, and they constantly look for new aspiring minds and creators to follow. Well, at some point in time, you were one of these dreamers we have mentioned, but everything changes. 

We have no way to stop the evolving of the world, but we can take action against it. People will come and go; that's no big deal, but wouldn't it better if you have a tool that weeds out your unfollowers and gives you an option do return the favor? We got it!

Why People Unfollow You

We know that's not our main subject today, but we are fairly sure that you are probably wondering why are you getting that many unfollow anyway. This can depend on countless pieces of motives, but some of those rules are universal, and you can't expect them to disregard you.

  • If you post too much, people will perceive you as a try-hard, and if you post too little, people will forget about your existence.
  • If your video and post qualities are not up to the standards, people can stop following you. This also applies if you post too emotional or cringeworthy content. Therefore, don't let anyone make a fool of you.
  • Instagram relies on engagement to keep its engine powered on. Hence, if you don't like other people or follow them, people will get sick of this real quick if you're not a celebrity yet, and you're probably not one if you're reading this.
  • Also, if you try to act like you are far better than them, people may get upset about this and stop following you even if the statement is true. Hence, it's good to humble yourself if you wish to amass a large following base.

How to See Your Unfollowers

The process of seeing your unfollowers is quite easy on its own, and you don't need an in-depth guide to figure it out, but we're going to help you with it anyway. Don't forget that your account has to be open to public browsing. If your account is hidden, Instagram doesn't allow us to fetch the information required to show your unfollowers.

  1. Open GlobalFollowers and scroll down to the bottom of the page. On our footer, you'll see our Instagram Tools. You can open that section and select the "Who Unfollowed Me on Instagram" service to start the process.
  2. From there, you should type in your Instagram username to the designated field right below. Please beware, URLs don't work for this instance. When you're ready, you can directly hit or click on the "Check" button to see who unfollowed you recently.

Thank you for choosing GlobalFollowers!

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