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What Are App Store Downloads

What Is App Store?

The App Store, developed and maintained by Apple Inc., is a platform for developers to publish their mobile apps developed with iOS software development kit and users to browse and download the applications. The store features more than 2 million mobile apps available in business, education, entertainment, lifestyle, music, and many other categories.

What Are App Store Downloads?

App Store is a bountiful resource of making a profit for application developers and businesses. How your application is placed on the App Store is essential for the organic growth of the app. Download count on apps is only one of the factors that affect the application's ranking. 

Why Are Downloads on App Store Are Important

Why Are Downloads on App Store Important?

After successfully building your mobile application, you will need a good promotion strategy to get users to start downloading your app. An app that is recently launched will not appear on search results and will have a hard time getting recommended without enough engagement. 

Most Downloaded Apps on App Store

Some apps have grown beyond expectations and reached out to massive audiences. Top 8 most downloaded iOS apps are:

  • YouTube
  • Gmail
  • Netflix
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Facebook
  • Amazon
  • Instagram
  • Spotify
Get Free App Store Downloads For Your App

Get Free App Store Downloads For Your App

As GlobalFollowers, we offer you a chance to be one step closer to achieve your goal and attain your deserved success. You will get free downloads for App Store applications you have built to promote them and make them apparent. More downloads mean more users that will check out your mobile app and get interested in it. This will provide organic growth for your business in no time. If more people get to download your app, your App Store ranking will significantly improve as its download frequency increases. 

How to Get Free App Store Downloads?

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can enter your app's name individually and claim it separately. 

Absolutely! If people see that your app has been downloaded by many other, they will have a more positive approach while downloading and trying it out.

Apart from the download count, your app's title, targeted keywords and positive ratings have a huge impact on your ranking.

You can ask influencers and famous personas to download and review your app on their social media accounts.

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