12 Ways of Increasing Your Instagram Popularity

12 Ways of Increasing Your Instagram Popularity

Instagram is far more than just a social media platform set up to share mobile photos and videos. Instagram; A social network that offers great opportunities for businesses and brands, visual, creative and striking insights into the brand identity. And there are many ways to increase your Instagram popularity.

With over 800 million users, Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platforms, with 25 million active business profiles and 2 million advertisers.

It’s easy to create an Instagram account, but it takes a bit of effort to get this account to a successful level. In this article, you’ll read 12 ways to create a successful Instagram account and increase your performance in 2018.

Ways of Increasing Your Instagram Popularity

Let’s take a look at the ways to increase Instagram popularity:

1)Choose an Eye-Catching Instagram Image

Visuality means everything on Instagram. You must select and maintain a generic brand aesthetics. In this way, you draw the right audience and you can create an interconnected community.
For example, there should be stylish and sometimes sexy visuals in a fashion account. Or you should include bright and vivid photos in an Instagram account about your lifestyle. Identify the images that are most suitable for you and look most pleasing to your eyes. You can use applications such as VSCO and Mextures to create consistency in visuals.

2) Create a Consistent Appearance

A successful Instagram account is synonymous with consistency. Select a filter and apply it to each photo you use. With the use of a limited filter, you create a niche for your account and make your brand in memory this way.

3)Get in Touch with Your Followers with Your Photo Subtitle

Keep in touch with your followers not only with your photos but also with your photo subtitles. Because they want to feel that they’re part of your story. Talk to them with your photo subtitles and don’t forget to respond to every comment.

4) Be Selective About Your Content

If you want to achieve satisfactory success on the platform, you should forget to share anything. You should share content that has a consistent, visual approach. If you want to share a photo, but cannot associate it with your brand values, consider creating a new Instagram account for your friends or family members instead of your potential customers. Or you can share this photo from your another social media account.

5)Add Your Account Videos and Boomerangs

The photos are great for Instagram, but videos also help you increase your interaction rate. Boomerang enhances the interaction so you should give chance to it to take positive feedbacks for your Instagram popularity. You should make sure that you use the correct hashtags in the videos. Hashtags increase video access.

6)Live on Instagram

Interact with your followers in real time and strengthen your ties with them. You should not conduct live broadcasts solely for the purpose of selling products or services. You can show and increase your brand value with Instagram Live option.

7)Make Plan About Your Contents

Many successful Instagram accounts may seem to share random and uneven content, but make sure that all of these content is shared and scheduled. Sharing is easier with third-party social media tools.

8)Use Your Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories has proven to be popular for businesses. 33% of stories displayed on Instagram are shared by businesses and brands.

Stories help customers build deeper connections with brands. You can show your contents with behind the scenes to your followers, organize contests, and unleash your creative side. You can customize your stories on Canva and Adobe Spark.

9)Organize Your Contents

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As well as sharing photos and videos that look pleasing to the eye, you should make sure that your posts are linked.

As you can see in the Oreos’ Instagram feed, the choice of colors and the use of filters create a very harmonious and more consistent brand presence.

10)Study For Ready To Race

Put on your detective hat and search for your opponents in the Instagram race. Check interaction rates, the hashtags they frequently use, what they share, and how often. How do they interact with their followers? Which types of content receive the best answers and which are insufficient? Watch out for them. Use your insights and be one step ahead of your rivals when creating your own content.

11)Be Careful About Your Hashtags

The hashtag is very important in Instagram. We recommend adding at least 6 hashtags to share. Make sure that the hashtag you use is compatible with your content. In this way, you can reach new people and you can spread the message that your brand wants to convey to a wider audience with your branded hashtag.

12)Be Active on Instagram Community

Instagram consists of a community. In addition to interacting with your consumers, you must interact with other Instagram accounts and businesses. If you support each other, you will be further recognized and your feed will improve. Join Facebook groups, chat in forums, and get out of your Instagram page as much as possible.


We have covered the 12 steps to increase Instagram popularity. If you want to learn more about Instagram and find helpful tips and tricks, please check out our other articles as well.

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