Turn Twitter Night Mode Save Battery

Turn Twitter Night Mode Save Battery

Twitter’s Night Mode has recently been introduced to users. So how is this mode activated and what does it do? You check Twitter especially before going to bed at night and sometimes you use it for a long time? Twitter Night Mode is developed to prevent this, has been in beta for some time.

With this feature, the floor is dark blue. The color of the text is white. In this way, the eyes are less tired. You can also use this feature when you are bored with Twitter’s classic design. Everyone has known that YouTube has had dark mode before but now Twitter has also the same feature. With this feature also you can save your battery charge longer than before. Here we explain how it is used.

How to Activate?

At this time you need the Android and iOS phone and the latest version of app to activate Night Mode. If you have them, you can activate this mode immediately following the steps below.

1) Firstly, open Twitter

2) Tap your profile in the top left.

3) Here you will see the Night Mode option below. Slide the button here to the right.

4) Currently, Night Mode is enabled on Twitter. You can turn off the feature by moving the button back to the left.

What is Twitter Night Mode?

Especially in the evening, the phone light can be extremely eye-catching with its white interface. In addition, white light is also known to have missed sleep.

Twitter wants to avoid these problems, added to the interface of the night mode feature offers a design option dominated by dark colors. When you activate this feature, you change the color of all Twitter and you are passing to an interface with dark colors.

Twitter Night Mode Use Android

To use Twitter night mode, first, download the latest version of Twitter. Twitter night mode works on many Android devices.

Open the Twitter app. Tap the profile icon in the top menu of the application or the menu icon according to your device. You can activate Night mode by sliding on the pop-up menu screen.

Night Mode of Twitter

Twitter Night Mode Use iOS

iOS operating system using the iPhone night mode for the iPhone came. First, download the latest version of Twitter.

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Open the Twitter app. Tap the gear wheel settings icon on your profile page. Activate Night Mode from the drop-down menu.

Longer Charging Time for Twitter Night Mode

Applications that support Night mode, for example, Twitter. You can save battery by activating Night mode. You turn the application into a black theme with the automatic clock on hand. White backgrounds show more brilliance in an unlit environment and consume battery.

The Other Advantages of Using Night Mode

Night Mode android and iOS app is an application that will save your energy by using your phone at night and will not wear your eyes and minimize the lights of your phone. When you install and run the application, a screen saver with various settings is activated. In Settings, you set how much the brightness is to be lowered and whether you want to turn off the illumination of the buttons on your phone.

After that, in low-light conditions, your phone’s screen turns into quite low brightness. So you don’t get tired of your eyes and save the phone’s charge. Especially if you complain about the fact that the display brightness of some phones is very bright at night even at the lowest level, this app will meet your request exactly. You can download this app free of charge from Google Play or Apple Store where you can adjust the screen brightness even lower than usual.

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