How to Post on Instagram from PC or Mac

How to Post on Instagram from PC or Mac

Instagram presented an enormous change today, propelling a completely useful web application that gives you a chance to transfer photographs from a telephone program, no application required. Instagram didn’t authoritatively add the alternative to work area programs, however it’s there – you simply need to discover it. In this article, we’ll cover how to post on Instagram from PC.

Numerous Instagrammers – myself included – shoot photographs on a dSLR camera and alter them on their PC before transferring to Instagram. That implies exchanging the completed photograph to a telephone (by means of AirDrop or email), or, in other words, best.

This work around removes that progression, making dSLR transfers less demanding than any time in recent memory. With a couple of changes, you can transfer to Instagram from a PC.

Instructions to Transfer Photographs to Instagram from a Desktop Browser

Most programs have a method for giving you a chance to change the “User Agent” – the thing that tells a site what sort of gadget you’re on. In this way, notwithstanding when you’re on a laptop or desktop, you can trap a site like Instagram into demonstrating to you the portable site. That is what we will do.

Post on Instagram from Chrome

You can upload photos from computer to Instagram by using Chrome or Firefox without using any programs. Yes, in just 1 minute and very simple. You can also share the story with the same method.

Instagram launched its official app for Windows 10 last year. With this application you can take photos on your computer to Instagram. However, it is normally not possible to upload photos from your computer to Instagram. It is not possible to upload photos from the website at the moment.

If you want to share your photos with a digital camera instead of a smartphone in this post or if you want to share a few edits before using the photo editor then it is for you!

In the future, Instagram may change, but these days there are only four ways to post on Instgaram from PC.

Upload Photos to Instagram using Chrome (Without Program)

Thanks to Google Chrome, you can program photos from the computer in an unscheduled manner. To do this, after logging into your Instagram account from your computer, you must right-click on any free space on the page and open the Developer Tools by clicking the Review, tab on the menu. You can also open Developer Tools by using the Ctrl + Shift + I Developer or F12 ”shortcut.

Then click on the button from the drop-down menu and turn the Instagram into a mobile version. Now you just need to refresh the page and close the Developer Tools. You can now take photos from computer to Instagram by clicking on the photo adding button. Make sure the photos you want to upload are in jpg format.

Post to Instagram from Firefox

Upload Photos to Instagram Using Firefox(Without Program)

As we do in Google Chrome, we can upload photos from computer to Instagram via Firefox. In the same way, we are going to our Instagram account using Firefox and right-click anywhere in the browser and click the View Item tab. You can turn Web Developer tools on or off using the F12 shortcut. Post to Instagram From Firefox

Then click on the Mobile View button shown above to change Instagram to mobile view and press the cross to close the Web Developer Tool.

Finally, we choose where we want to display Instagram with the device and the Photo upload button is active. With Mozilla Firefox you can upload photos to Instagram and share the story.

Instagram for Desktop

Browse web mobile Instagram website straightforwardly from your Desktop (Pc/Mac)

This extremely basic application enables you to access to the Instagram™ versatile site like you can do on your cell phone ?. You can transfer photographs from your PC ?️ to Instagram, open and download full HD photographs ?, see your notices.

Straightforward and Efficient


✔ Post Pictures/Photos/Medias from your PC to Instagram

✔ !NEW! Open and Download full HD photographs

✔ !NEW! Notices

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NB : the site isn’t the application !! You won’t have the capacity to send coordinate messages for instance

NB2 : beforehand named InstaDesktop

Instagram App for PC

If you want to upload directly to your Instagram account without transferring the photos from your computer to your phone, all you have to do is install the program called Gramblr on your computer.

How to use Gramblr

With a few simple steps, it’s easy to share photos on your computer with Gramblr, which you can transfer to your Instagram account.

Once you have installed Gramblr on your computer, you need to pair your Gramblr with your Instagram account. You then upload the photo to your application by dragging and dropping the photo you want to share on Instagram from your computer in the field shown in the application. Bilgisayardan Instagram fotoğrafı yükleme

Then with the Gramblr app you can select the filter you want to share on Instagram or you can add motion. Finally, if you wish to add a title or hashtag about your photo, you can send the photo to your Instagram account immediately or you can share it at a later date by selecting ” Another time” option.

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