How to Save Instagram Videos to PC/Mac?

How to Save Instagram Videos to PC/Mac?

Sharing More & More! – Social media has become the best way to express yourself and your feelings. People share all their feelings -sorrow to happiness- without the slightest form of hindrance and without the fear of being judged. Today our subject matter is about one such platform which is used by a great number of people mainly for entertainment purpose, Instagram & Downlaoding Photos! Here, we will cover how to save Instagram videos to PC or Mac.

Sharing & Downloading! – It is the pictures and videos in social media,yet you are still not allowed to download any of these mainly because of privacy reasons. Here in this article we are analyzing a few methods which make it available to download these images and videos free of charge.

Yes Photos/Videos No Cry! – Since Instagram has become one of the biggest and renowned photo sharing social media website and millions of users upload their pictures on daily basis, being able to dowload those photos/pictures to your pc has certainly become an important issue. It certainly makes sense! The reasons why people would want to download photos/videos might be varied from motivation to inspiration or from competition  toexpression.

Be Happy Don’t Worry! – Do you know how to save Instagram videos to computer? Any idea? In this tutorial we will show you  simple and free ways to download Instagram videos to your Mac or Windows PC. Here are a few different solutions to help you download Instagram videos on PC or Mac. Since these are the easiest and most accessible methods, none of them requires  to have any HTML knowledge therefore we consider them all user friendly. Only the “Source Code” method is a bit complicated and may feel like a real coder like maneuvers needed and in this sense it is not recommended for users. Among these 3 methods, the method of using online programis the easiest, commonly known and therefore recommended method for users.

3 Methods to Save

Method 1. Save Instagram Videos to Computer via Source Code;

Method 2.Add-ons;

Method 3. Download Videos from Instagram to Computers by on line Video Downloading programs.

Save Instagram Videos to Computer via Source Code

This method is a little technical but it’s the only safe way! Especially if you feel like the third party software or app you are using may not be too trustable, then this method is the Only Way! Most of the third partyservices  usually save your downloaded video into their server for different purposes. That’s why if you don’t want anyone to know about your downloaded videos then this is the right way to stay on the safe side.

You can check the source code of the Instagram video page and extract the download link to download the videos from Instagram onto your computer.

Step 1. Open the Instagram video that you want to save, then right-click on it and select “Inspect element” (or “View page source” depending on your browser) (or on a Mac, ⌘+click).

Instagram Source Code

Step 2. Then press “Ctrl” + “F” keys on keyboard to open Find feature, and enter “.mp4” into the blank. (or ⌘+F on a Mac) Then the search will open a section of code.

Step 3. Then copy the link next to “src=” and the link ends with “.mp4”, and paste the download link to a new tab.(or ⌘+C on a Mac) Then the video will start to play. Simply right click (or ⌘+click on a Mac) and select ‘save video as’ to download the video to your PC’s hard drive.

This might sound all a bit tiring, but once you’ve had a couple of tryouts you’ll find it’s not as hard as it looks. If you’re not used to keyboard shortcuts it might be a little bit time consuming, but overall, it’s a tried and tested method to download Instagram videos on PC and Mac that is popular with many users.

Steps to Save Instagram Videos

Step 4. Now you can right-click on the video and select “Save video as…” option to download the video on your computer right now.

Save Instagram Videos


Another method to use is a browser extension for facilitating your download. Here in this tutorial, we take Instag Downloader as a sample to analyze. Here’s how you use it:

After going to the Chrome web store and search for Instag Downloader. Mac users will need to install Chrome if you usually browse using Safari. Then  Click ‘add to Chrome’ in the top right of the screen to install this add on for your browser. It will ask you to restart Chrome for it to start working.

The next step would be going to Instagram then and finding any video or photograph you’d like to download to your PC. Right after that you’ll notice some new icons in the top right of the image, which are ‘view, share link and download’, added by Instag DownloaderPress the download icon for instantly saving that image or video from Instagram to your PC or Mac. It really is that easy.

Download Videos from Instagram to Computers by Online Video Downloading Programs

It is very easy to save videos from Instagram to computer, Mac and Windows PC included, as long as you have an onlinedownloader program-website. Now please follow the steps as below to get the Instagram videos onto your computer. We analyzed a few of these for you.



How It Works?

  • Go to in your browser
  • In another tab, open Instagram and navigate to the video (or photo) you’d like to download
  • Highlight the URL in your browser bar that shows when you’re viewing the video, and copy it using either right click / (⌘+click) and ‘copy’, or the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+C / (⌘+C)
  • Go back to the DreDown webpage and paste the URL into the search bar, using either right click / (⌘+click) and ‘paste’ or the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+P / (⌘+P)
  • Hit the DreDown button and your video will instantly download to your machine

Instag Downloader

Step 1. Open the Chrome web browser on your computer, then click “Instag Downloader” here for downloading the free Instagram Video Downloader on your Mac or Windows PC. This extension will help you download videos and photos from Instagram.

Step 2. Then click “Add to Chrome” button on the right top of window, and wait for a while to complete the installation process.

Instag Downloader

Step 3. Now please go to Instagram web and open any video or photo you want to save. Then locate your mouse cursor on the right top of corner of video or photo, which will reveal option icons: View, Share Link and Download.

Step 4. To download videos, please click on the Download icon to save it on your computer immediately.

How to Download Instagram Videos



To download a photo or video from Instagram, copy its URL, paste in the URL field above, and click “Download”. You will get the photo or video download button to save the file to your computer.

Detailed steps

  • 1: Desktop Browsers
  • 2: Click the share button beneath the photo/video
  • 3: Click “Copy Link” option
  • 4: Paste the copied URL in the URL field above
  • 5: Click “Download” button.

Depending on the type of media (photo or video), you will see a “Download Photo” or “Download Video” button

Click the “Download Photo” / “Download Video” button to start download

In addition to the approach above, you can also use the DownloadGram Bookmarklet to instantly download Instagram photos and videos.

To install the Bookmarklet, simply drag and drop the Button (right top corner of the screen) to your browser bookmarks toolbar. When you are browsing an image/video on Instagram, click the new bookmarklet. This will open DownloadGram and start the download automatically.



Save videos and photos from Instagram!

How to use the Instagram Downloader?

  • Find the url of the videos or the photos you would like to download on Instagram,
  • Paste the URL into the field above,
  • Now, Download!

It’s simple, easy and totally free!

About the Instagram Downloader

The Instagram downloader is for the people who want to download Instagram videos and photos online, now you can save Instagram videos photos and pictures with just one click, this is a simple way to save videos photos and pictures from Instagram, and it’s totally free!


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For Downloading Instagram Video – Simply Enter Instagram Video URL on above ‘Text Box’ and click on Go Button. That’s it Download Link will Display on Next Page.

Just Click on “Download” Link to save the Video or Just Right-Click the video center and click “Save Video as…”


  1. Go to, find instagram video which you want to download.Download Instagram Videos
  2. Now get the url/link of the instagram video
    Instagram Video Downloader
  3. Paste the instagram video url/link in dinsta input box and click on “GO” button
  4. Download Video
    Download Videos From Instagram



Insloadersupports most of the popular Instagram profile’s Images & Videos so try out the Downloader and see it works for your favorite one. For more info read here

  • Search for the Instagram Image or Video that you would like to Download
  • Copy the link from that Image or Video
  • Paste the Image or Video link into our converter box
  • Click Download button


  • Search for the Instagram Image or Video that you would like to Download
  • Copy the link from that Image or Video
  • Paste the Image or Video link into our converter box
  • Click Download button


If you want to download Instagram pictures or downlaod Instagram video from Instagram then simply copy the URL of any picture or video you wish to download and paste it in our web app. In a moment you will be notified whether that video or image is downloadable or not and if it is so then shortly the downloading will begin.

How To Download Instagram Photos or Videos?

  1. Go to Instagram website.
  2. Open the Image or Video that you want to download.
  3. Copy the URL of that Image or Video or copy the URL of profile.
  4. Paste in the above form.
  5. Click Download.

Here are some of the features of Gramsave:

You will be able to save multiple Instagram images and videos all at the same time using Instagram photo downloader.

This website allows one to save videos from anywhere of Instagram and it can also appear as Instagram carousel or slideshow downloader.

The website has a super-fast downloading speed. All you videos and pictures will be downloaded with in few seconds via Instagram video downloader.

You can download Instagram photos and videos using hashtags or keywords.

You can download Instagram private profile vidoes and photos.

It is easy to download Instagram content and Instagram slideshows.

Also, it is important to know that this software is not at all linked with the Instagram and their developer rather it work separately and has its own operating mechanism. Though the website use the links of the pictures and videos but it is not attached with the Instagram application.

Instagram Downloader

Instagram Downloader

Instagram Downloader works on the very same steps as others.

  1. Find the URL of the videos or the photos you would like to download on Instagram,
  2. Paste the URL into the field above,
  3. Now, Download!
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