How to Get Verified on Instagram (Blue Tick Tips 2019)

How to Get Verified on Instagram (Blue Tick Tips 2019)

On Instagram, you should have seen the checkmark, commonly known as “blue tick” in many accounts. This icon indicates that, according to some of us, the account is reputable. The real purpose of the icon is to show that the account really belongs to this somewhat famous person. However, how can you get verified on Instagram?

The fact that Instagram has approved an account to get verified does not necessarily mean that the network has recommended you follow the behavior of that account. The blue checkmark only shows that the owner is real, not a fan account or a fake account. Although Instagram does not constantly follow such accounts, it can remove the blue checkmark if the rules are broken.

Blue checkmark on Instagram

How to Become Verified on Instagram

Let’s just say this isn’t easy. Unlike Twitter, Instagram did not have a page for account verification processes back then. However, it is now possible to apply for verification directly on the Instagram app.

The verified badge helps users to find well-known people, celebrities, and brands they want to follow more easily.

Instagram Help

The page clearly says that only some well-known people, celebrities and brands can get verified. Even accounts with tens of thousands of followers are sometimes not recognized, they may not get the checkmark.

After explaining the basic theory of the blue tick, let’s answer the question. We will explain this step by step. So we recommend that you log in to your Instagram account right now.

  1. Log in to your account. First, you need to login to your Instagram account. Once you have logged in to your account with your username and password, you can follow the other steps.
  2. Tap the Settings tab. After logging in to the Instagram profile, tap the three horizontal lines icon at the top right corner and tap the Settings tab at the bottom of the pop-up window to access the Settings page.
  3. Request verification. In this step, tap the “Request Verification” button from the Account category on the Settings tab. Tapping on the relevant tab will bring up a form. Here are a few parts that need to be filled in to apply for a verified account.
Become Instagram Verified

Tips for Getting the Blue Tick

If you think your account has the potential for getting verified, please take a look at these tips below.

  • Create other profiles outside of Instagram. Be sure to link to your Instagram profile on these pages.
  • Develop actions that will increase organic followers and interaction. (Original content, sponsored marketing, getting reposted by influencers)
  • Keep your account active.
  • Do not engage in suspicious behavior, such as constantly liking and following people in minutes.
  • The best way to apply for a checkmark and not to buy it is to work with a digital agency. This will speed up the process, but if you are not a recognized person, you may get rejected.
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