How to Delete Facebook Page (Detailed Guide)

How to Delete Facebook Page (Detailed Guide)

Have you ever noticed that you no longer need a Facebook page that you created on time and want to delete it? You are not alone. But you should know that Facebook pages are not like profiles. You will soon have all the detailed information about deleting a Facebook page.

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What You Should Know Before Deleting a Facebook Page

What You Should Know Before Deleting a Facebook Page

Before you delete a Facebook page that you created, there is one more thing to consider.

  • Only page administrators can delete the page.
  • If you’re the creator of the page, you don’t have to worry about it because you’re an administrator automatically.
  • If you are not in an administrator position on a page, you can contact the page administrator and ask him/her to give you this authority.
  • When you have administrator privileges, you will be able to remove Facebook page.

Your Facebook user profile includes your shares where you can interact with your friends. You can control the privacy of your private information, and this profile represents you as an individual. But Facebook pages are a public page that allows anyone on Facebook to follow a place, person, organization, or group.

Keep in mind your Page won’t be permanently deleted until 14 days have passed, but you can unpublish your Page at any time.

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Most people are deleting a Facebook page that they no longer care about or that they are creating incorrectly. You may also want to delete a Facebook page that you created for an event, project, or initiative that no longer applies. But deleting your Facebook page permanently may not always be a good option, but it’s up to you.

How to Delete a Facebook Page You Created?

If you want to delete FB page via the Facebook app with your Android or iOS device, you can follow these steps:

On mobile devices

  1. Go to the lists of your pages and select the page you want to delete.
  2. For settings, touch “Edit Page” and select “Settings.”
  3. Scroll to see “Remove Page” and touch this option to permanently delete your page.
  4. After reading the warning carefully, confirm if you are sure you want to do so.
  5. If you want to remove Facebook page through the desktop site, the steps you need to take will often be the same.


  1. On the Facebook home page, click the “Pages” button on the left
  2. From here, select and go to the page you want to delete
  3. Click the “Settings” button you see in the top right
  4. You must be a page named “General,” scroll to the bottom
  5. Click the “Remove Page” section and confirm that you want to delete the page
  6. Facebook will ask you if you are sure you want to do this, confirm
  7. Congratulations! Your Facebook page will be permanently deleted after 14 days
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But as we said above, make sure you are the administrator of the page you need to delete. If you’re not the administrator of the page, and you can’t reach the administrator, the only way to remove is to report the page to Facebook.

How to Delete a Facebook Group

How to Delete a Facebook Group

Before deleting your Facebook group, you should know that all your information, content, and topics will be lost after this process.

You should also inform your members those which contribute to the growth of your group and increase the overall quality your content, they have the right to know.

  1. Enter your group and click the Members tab.
  2. Click the three dots next to each member.
  3. Select “Remove from Group” until all members have been removed.
  4. Your Facebook group will be deleted after all members have been removed.
  5. Facebook will ask for your confirmation whether you want to remove yourself from the group.
  6. Congratulations! When you remove yourself from the group, your group is completely deleted.
Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately, there is only one option that Facebook offers us, and that’s 14 days to wait. They want to hide the possibility that you give up your decision in some way; it’s not hard to understand.

Exactly. You can delete almost anything you create on Facebook. To do this, just go to the settings of the group you created and follow Facebook’s referrals. If you have too many members, it will take time to delete the Facebook group. And only the group owner can delete the group.

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