How To Delete An Instagram Account 2019

How To Delete An Instagram Account 2019
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Delete an Instagram account is account is not that hard especially if you have the right reasons. A lot of reasons can push you to this way. Maybe there is a stalker after you, maybe you are just tired or you may be hacked. An account full of memories from the past is just enough reason to delete an Instagram account.

Delete An Instagram Account In 2019

However, deleting one is actually easy. You just need to reconsider it as deleting your photo diary because many people share their daily life on the platform and you might be one. Just as I said there a lot of reasons but you should always consider disabling option rather than deleting. An I wouldn’t suggest deleting a companies account at any circumstance if you are the responsible social media manager on duty.

So, let’s dive into steps and see how to delete an Instagram account.

Delete An Instagram Account From PC

I will divide the directions into two main subjects. First one is from the PC and another one is from the phone.

From the PC, deleting an account is easy.

  • Login into your account. And go to the “delete your account” page. You can reach it from the Instagram help page from here.


  • You need to decide why do you want to delete it. After you choose it you can proceed the next step.
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delete an instagram account

  • You need to enter your password and then Instagram will ask you if you are sure by this or not. This is something you need to decide of course.

Delete An Instagram Account From Mobile

For any type of phone, you need to go Instagram website from the browser rather than the native app. So the process is easy. Here are the steps you need to follow.

  • Login to your page and go to settings

delete an instagram account

  • In settings, you need to go “Instagram Help Center”

delete an instagram account

  • Type “How to delete my account” and you will get the page for the instructions. Swipe a little below then you will see the actual deleting page.

delete an instagram account

  • You need to decide why you need to delete it as before then you can enter your password to delete it.

That’s it. Your account has gone for good. I can only hope you are happy with your decision and enjoyed the content. Until next time take a good care.


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